I tried Chatroulette once with a friend, which basically consisted of a lot of guys showing us their junk. A lot of junk was seen that can never be unseen, and I have never returned back to the website since. Lionsgate, however, has lured me back to the chat program through their new Last Exorcism marketing ploy: convince unsuspecting boys that they're talking to a cute girl who is about to take her top off, then knock 'em dead with a little sexorcist action. The end result is hilarity times ten.

Watch as young men prepare to see naked breasts and instead are tricked into seeing a girl's eyes roll back in her head Exorcist style, screech like a banshee, and do that icky thing with her neck that sounds really painful. The look on these guys' faces is classic. This is probably the most ingenious bit of viral marketing that I've ever seen. Enjoy it for yourself after the jump!

The Last Exorcism hits theaters August 27.

[via FEARnet]
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