We still have to wait all the way until January 25th to get our hands on Dead Space 2 -- Electronic Arts' follow-up to the their survival horror hit of 2008, but at least developer Visceral Games is sharing new footage and info with us on a regular basis.

Take, for example, this new trailer that debuted at the GamesCom convention in Germany yesterday. The clip is 1:17 of gameplay footage featuring our hero Isaac Clarke jumping out of a spaceship and hurtling toward a planet while using his new boot thrusters (which make him look sort of like Iron Man...) to dodge oncoming debris. It's not exactly an original gameplay mechanic (we saw God of Waruse a similar scenario recently, just not in outer space...) but it looks cool.

There's been some outrage in the gaming community over the fact that this is being called a "Halo jump" -- with Master Chief fans complaining that EA is ripping off their beloved franchise. However, Halo has nothing to do with the shooter -- it's an acronym for "high altitude low orbital" -- a common military term. So, settle down fanboys.

Dead Space 2 finds Isaac once again taking on the Necromorph menace armed only with his engineer suit and weapons he can make out of the tools around him. Expect lots of alien dismemberment on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in January. Hit the jump to have a gander at the new trailer.
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