By now you've probably heard us mention a thing or two about the Rolling Roadshow, which is pretty much a compact and portable version of what goes on every weekend at the Alamo Drafthouse. So far the 2010 Rolling Roadshow tour has hit Los Angeles (to screen Jackie Brown), San Francisco (for Dirty Harry), Joliet (for The Blues Brothers), and Detroit (for Robocop) -- and that's all fine and good, but tonight the portable (yes, inflatable) movie screen will arise at the bottom of the huge, famous steps of the certain Philadelphia museum. For the Italian Stallon.

I could ramble on and on about "Rocky the underdog" this and "blue collar Philadelphia" that, but the simple truth is that very few {city + movie} combinations feel as right as {Philly + Rocky}. So special is the beloved boxer that over 1,200 people have RSVPed already -- on Facebook alone. That doesn't count the people who might just show up, Facebook be damned! Obviously I'm very excited to have some wondrous Austin movie lunacy here in my home town, and I hope to sleep extra hard all day so I can shriek like a newbie at all the wonderful cinematic pugilism.

For all the info you'll need on the screening, click right here. Also check out the full Rolling Roadshow line-up right here, and heck, why not poke around the Philadelphia Museum of Art website while you're at it? They took in that Rocky statue when nobody else in town wanted it!

By the way, they're actually screening the first three Rocky films tonight. The three good ones. That's how awesome Philadelphia is.

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