We know Seth Rogen has been losing a lot of weight, but when people started telling him he was going to fade away to nothing, we never expected him to take it so literally.

Yes, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the newly svelte Rogen has signed on to play a ghost in his next motion picture. An animated ghost, that is: the comedy stalwart will be voicing the lead character in the latest big budget 3D cartoon from DreamWorks, 'Boo U.,' which tells the story of a ghost who is sent back to ghost school in order to learn how to be a better ghost.

This is hardly Rogen's first cartoon rodeo; in addition to previous DreamWorks projects 'Monsters vs. Aliens' (where he proided the voice for B.O.B .) and 'Kung Fu Panda' (Mantis), Rogen also did voicework on 'Horton Hears a Who!' and 'The Spiderwick Chronicles.'
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