Using Seth Rogen as a voice actor is one of those gloriously counter-intuitive decisions that's almost but not quite as inexplicable as using Jerry Seinfeld's nasal voice in Bee Movie. Obviously Rogen's roles in Dreamworks' Kung Fu Panda and Monsters Vs. Aliens were both not leading men and Seinfeld's in Bee Movie was played for yuks but think about it--these guys are being paid as "voice talents." I mean, Rogen sounds like the lead singer of a certain hardcore band whose name rhymes with "Bucked Pup" (don't believe me? I dare you to listen to track 2 onThe Chemistry of Common Life and not think of Seth Rogen. I double dare you.).

Well apparently Rogen is lending his "voice talents" to a new Dreamworks animated movie to be helmed by Igor director Tony Leondis called Boo U. The Holly wood Reporter's Heat Vision Blog reports that, as the title suggests, the film follows "a ghost who must return to ghost school to learn how to be a better spook."
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