Moviegoers this weekend can see what got Bill O'Reilly all riled up last week.

It's 'The Switch,' a Jennifer Aniston-Jason Bateman starrer that revolves around a single New York woman, Kassie (Aniston), who decides to impregnate herself with donated sperm. Unknown to her, however, her friend Wally (Bateman), in a drunken stupor, switches the donated sperm with his own. Seven years later, with son in tow, Kassie returns to NY from Minnesota, and Wally begins to insert himself into their lives. The catch is, of course, that neither Kassie nor Wally -- who was too drunk to remember his switch -- know that 6-year-old Sebastian is really Wally's son.

O'Reilly took umbrage with the notion of a single woman starting a family without a father. He called it "destructive to our society," and Aniston fired back.

As for the movie, it's a light romantic comedy with reviews that are middling, shading over to negative, with some critics finding the performances rising above the by-the-numbers plot -- most notably Bateman's performance. Also garnering praise are young Thomas Robinson as the boy and Jeff Goldblum as Wally's best friend.

The Switch' is directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck of 'Blades of Glory' fame.

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The Switch
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