Is there any author who has been adapted for film more frequently than Stephen King? I think maybe Richard Matheson is in the running, but even that's questionable. That's just counting the spate of major releases we've choked down since Carrie. Sure, some of them are good. Some of them are even amazing. And then there's Graveyard Shift. And Maximum Overdrive.

King has obviously been exceptionally permissive with adaptations of his work. It seems like any clown with a camera can adapt his shorts, which gave rise to the infamous Dollar Babies. I don't know what kind of convincing or groveling one has to perform to get the master of horror to to give you the thumbs up, but monetarily, all he asks for is a single dollar. These King-fueled shorts run the gamut from good to 'please find a new hobby'.

While most of these Dollar Babies haven't made their way to the internet for legal reasons, some of the unsanctioned King shorts have been compiled here. Not all of these are narratives, of course, but if you're a King aficionado, you should check these out. Along with the films are televised interviews from the Today Show and the like, and even King's mid-nineties appearance on Jeopardy.

Much of them strike me as exercises in futility, like making fan films. Why not come up with your own ideas? Then again, these did give none other than Frank Darabont a launchpad for his career. Maybe there's a bit of wheat in this chaff . . .
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