Whenever I played 7 minutes in heaven, it ended up feeling more like 15 minutes in hell due to awkward fumblings, sheer embarrassment when you left the closet, and total disappointment when you ended up debating the merits of Star Wars or talking about poetry instead. I don't know who invented this game, but it clearly wasn't always a good time -- which is why it makes the perfect project for J.J. Abrams and Lost director Jack Bender.

7 Minutes in Heaven will be a horror-thriller based on the kissyface game for kids and revolves around two teens who go into a closet to "play", but find all of their friends dead when they come out. There aren't many more plot details than that at the moment, but Abrams' Bad Robot label is set to produce, and the team is currently looking for a writer. Abrams has a lot on his plate right now -- there's his collaboration with Spielberg for Super 8, a Star Trek sequel, and the fourth Mission Impossible film on his to do list. Meanwhile, Bender will be helming the Bad Robot gig for Heaven -- which was apparently his idea. I've never seen an episode of Lost in my life so I can't say much about Bender other than he directed the final episode of ABC's show, which seems to have split Lost fans into two camps as far as I can tell.

We'll bring you more details on this one as we get them. Are you looking forward to another Abrams project?

[via Heat Vision]
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