Alexandre AjaFrench director Alexandre Aja has gotten a new project. Best known for his work in the horror film genre with such works as the remake of 'The Hills Have Eyes' and his more recent softcore porn gore-fest known as 'Pirahna 3D,' the director will next tackle a Japanese manga classic with 'Cobra - The Space Pirate.'

'Cobra' has an adult flavor that is definitely up Aja's alley. He even mentions in the interview that he grew up watching the animated version of the comic. While 'Cobra' does not have a large following in the United States, it definitely has one in Europe and Japan, among other places.

Not being familiar with 'Cobra - The Space Pirate' (besides the Wiki article), I can't give an opinion one way or the other about this film adaptation. I will try to keep an open mind. In the meanwhile, if you want to get an idea of Aja's style, go catch 'Pirahna 3D.'
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