Every so often, we're reminded that filmmakers that we know and love, whose work we feel like we've seen cover-to-cover, have made films that we didn't know existed until now. These "lost movies" just randomly appear as blips on our radar until we actually have access to see them, as most likely that's why they've fallen through the cracks for one reason or another.

This week, I was reminded that John Carpenter made a made-for-tv movie called Elvis in 1979 starring Kurt Russell. The film is apparently 2 1/2 hours long and for a while, you could only see it on YouTube, which is nobody's idea of a good time. Thankfully, as MUBI's David Hudson diligently reports, a new R2 dvd of the film has just been released.

This got me to thinking: what about the other films, the one's that just aren't available legitimately anywhere? What's the "lost movie" you're most dying to see? Vote after the break and if you choose "Other," be sure to tell us why and what you wanted to vote for in the Comments section. I know the list is very specific to my tastes but who knows? Maybe it will get you thinking.
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