Robert Kurtzman is a horror FX icon for his work on titles like Evil Dead II, Night of the Creeps, Cabin Fever, and many more. Kurtzman is now launching a new reality web series that will take viewers behind-the-scenes of his world. Creature Corps will feature a closer look at artists who make the wicked and wonderful happen in the film and music video FX world.

Audiences will be able to check out the work of the Creature Corps crew, while they create gore and more for bands like The Dead Matter, Mushroomhead, and the films of the band Midnight Syndicate and Jennifer Lynch'sHisss. There are contests and giveaways for people who tune in. Goodies include props, masks, autographed items, and other fun stuff.

It all started appropriately on Friday the 13th, but don't forget to tune in to the official Creature Corps website for future episodes. Kurtzman has been in this business for over twenty years, so the guy knows what he's talking about. You might learn a thing or two, so you don't like like a total goof the next time you try to play Ash fighting off the deadites.

[via Dread Central]
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