With the turnaround time between a film's theatrical release and home video debut getting shorter and shorter (to the point where some movies premiere on VOD services before they ever play in a theater...) it seems odd that we've had to wait so long to get our hands on Adam Green's latest, Frozen.

The latest chiller (pun fully intended) from the director behind Hatchet played the festival circuit earlier this year, but won't be available to rubes like me who live in the middle of nowhere until September 28th. That's just over a month away still, but to keep audiences interested there's a trailer for the DVD and Blu-ray release now available for your perusal. It looks like the regular trailers to me, but there may be some slight differences. I didn't do a frame by frame analysis, so have it if you're bored. Okay, I didn't do any analysis at all -- I went purely on memory.

Anyway, Frozen stars Emma Bell, Shawn Ashmore and Kevin Zegers as three friends taking in a day of skiing. They hope to get one last trip down the mountain, but unluckily for them, the lift gets shut down for the night while they're high in the air. No one knows they're there -- they're stranded on a lift in the freezing cold on a Sunday night and the resort doesn't open again until Friday. Scary.

The discs come chock full of extras, including a commentary track, loads of featurettes, deleted scenes, and more. If you have a Blu-ray player and grab that version, you'll be treated to an extra commentary track as well. Nice to see DVD owners have become the red-headed step-children of the industry. Now I know how VHS people felt...

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