I'm no fan of the original Hatchet, but I definitely get the appeal. It's low budget, it's weird , it's violent and it's very, very old school in style and presentation. I'd argue that this extends to quality (after all, how many truly, genuinely good '80s slashers are in existence), but I understand people embracing the nostalgia that Hatchet undeniably captures. The important thing is that director Adam Green's heart was definitely in the right place when he made it, even if if doesn't connect with me on the level that it did with so many people who I like/respect/tolerate.

Now the teaser trailer for Hatchet 2 has hit Yahoo. It's pretty skimpy on plot details, but we can easily put two and two together: people go into swamp, people don't leave swamp intact. Pretty basic horror stuff. Plus, horror icon and all around awesome all-star thespian Tony Todd returns, still on that never-ending quest to pay the pills an put food in his belly.

The trailer is also oddly pretentious, touting the first Hatchet as a masterpiece of horror and something of a cultural touchstone. I'm sure even Adam Green (whose supposedly excellent Frozen will hit DVD soon) would agree that Hatchet is, at best, a fun time. it's not Halloween or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Let's put this in perspective, people.

Watch the trailer after the jump.

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