Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston in 'The Switch'As the summer winds down, the big blockbuster hopefuls have mostly had their moment. Instead, this weekend offers five (!) less ambitious new wide-release movies that will be content to give you a few chuckles and maybe some screams.

Best Bet: 'The Switch'

Starring:Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Patrick Wilson, Jeff Goldblum, Juliette Lewis
Directed by:Will Speck and Josh Gordon
What It's About: Based on Jeffrey Eugenides' short story 'The Baster,' this romantic comedy stars Aniston as a sexy, successful career gal who never got around to having a baby and decides to make one without finding a husband first. Bateman is the milquetoasty pal who accidentally loses the semen of her hunky donor (Wilson) and substitutes his own. Years later, bonding with the boy he apparently sired, Bateman wonders: should he tell Aniston where the little squirt really came from?
Why Should You See It? Because we've all been fascinated for years by Aniston's empty womb? Because Bateman is in awkwardly lovable Michael Bluth mode? Because the two of them display a unique, offbeat chemistry all too rare in today's romantic comedies?
You Might Like It If You Like:'Juno,' 'Arrested Development,''Knocked Up,'The Back-Up Plan'
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