In 'The Switch,'Jennifer Aniston returns to the big screen as Kassie Larson, a woman who decides to have a baby through artificial insemination, courtesy of a muscly alpha-male named Roland (Patrick Wilson).

Seven years later, she learns that her neurotic bestie, Wally Mars (Jason Bateman), switched the goods, and is actually the father of her son. When she finds out that Wally "hijacked" her pregnancy (as he calls it) and, unsurprisingly, that he's in love with her, she's forced to consider how to proceed and which man (hunky blond vs. hypochondriac) to choose.

While 'The Switch' offers a comedic sensibility with an unusual premise, Aniston's character is a woman we've seen on the big screen before -- typically played by Aniston herself. Kassie is the perfect girl next door: She's got a great job but isn't a corporate titan; she's pretty but not overtly sexy; she's independent, but deep down wants a relationship; she's strong and opinionated, but fundamentally nurturing. In short, Kassie is appealing, safe and unthreatening.
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The Switch
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Neurotic Wally Mars (Jason Bateman) has one bright spot in his life: his friendship with Kassie (Jennifer... Read More

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