The ExpendablesHere's something of interest for all you action film pub bores out there: TermLifeInsurance has produced a 'Body Counts for The Expendables Cast' info chart that counts each individual actors movie kills, film by film.

Trust me, someone out there is already learning these stats off by heart.

Surprisingly, the man who comes out on top of all this destruction is good old Dolph Lundgren, definitely the craziest Expendable, who has totalled a psychopathic 632 screen kills in 36 movies (that's an average of 17.5 per film). Stallone, who comes second, looks like a total washout out with a measly 340.

It'll come as a surprise to many that the ending to Rambo IV, where Sly spends at least an hour behind an anti-aircraft gun wiping out the Burmese Army, actually only gave Stallone a tally of 80 kills. Weird... it felt like he would carry on until everyone in the world who wasn't American had taken a sizable bullet to the face.

See The Expendables Body Count chart after the jump...
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