Jennifer AnistonLike most paparazzi bait in American culture, Jennifer Aniston has wisely ignored the crazy things being said and written about her in supermarket tabloids and elsewhere. But when Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly attacked her on his TV show Wednesday night, she was taken aback. "I never actually thought that my name and [O'Reilly's] name would ever be in one sentence," Aniston told 'Good Morning America's' George Stephanopolous.

Aniston may have been urged to take up the fight with O'Reilly by publicists for 'The Switch,' the picture that sparked the commentator's ire. There's good publicity and there's better publicity; having one of the nation's loudest conservative foghorns calling her out for being "destructive to society" by playing a single, middle-age woman who chooses to have a baby via a sperm donor can do nothing but tantalize the film's target audience.
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