Well, well, well. After publicly badmouthingIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to score points with the peanut gallery at a Cannes press conference for Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps back in May, look who's crawling back to the hand that feeds him. Shia LaBeouf is going around telling people that he's been talking to Spielberg about a fifth Indiana Jones film, that the screenplay is being written, that Spielberg "pitched" the idea to him, and that it sounds "crazy" and "really cool." And also, apparently, that he "can't wait" to do the fifth film, though the latter may be editorializing on the part of the Showbiz Spy blogger.

I wonder if LaBeouf is referring to the Bermuda Triangle plot that was being kicked around a couple months ago as the possible subject of a fifth film (which producer Frank Marshall purported to refute). That sounds like fun to me -- but then, I'm the guy who was pilloried for admitting an affection for Crystal Skull in my earlier post. I expect most of you won't think much of the idea.

But despite (seemingly) widespread fan disgust with the attempt to revitalize the franchise, Crystal Skull made nearly $800 million worldwide. A fifth film would also assuredly make a huge profit, which Spielberg, Lucas, LaBeouf, etc., surely know. Thus, the inevitability. And look: is any Spielberg movie ever really something to dread?

In any event, Spielberg will finish filming War Horse before having a chance to turn to another Indy. So smoke if you got 'em. We've got at least two more years to wring our hands.
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