Last week's Trailer Park poll ended with a tie. Funny thing is, it was between my favorite trailer, for The Next Three Days, and my least favorite, for Love and Other Drugs. Each took 30% of your votes while Enter the Void came in third place with 16%.

Another trailer for Love and Other Drugs -- an international one -- has shown up this week and it makes the film look a little more appealing by selling it more as a drama than a bad romantic comedy. But it also features a lot of the same footage as the domestic spot I showcased last week so I'm not including it. Feel free to watch it elsewhere.

Because one of the big movies opening this week is Piranha 3D, the trailer trend of the week is bad-looking horror flicks. There's even a trailer for a documentary about Filipino grindhouse horror movies of the '70s. I'm not much of a scary movie guy to begin with, but I especially hate horror movie ads -- so again, I'm not including the majority of them in my rankings.

Another surprising mini-trend of the week: black swans. One of the examples is obvious, Black Swan, and it gets my vote for the week's best. To figure out which other film features the dark bird, be sure to watch all the trailers listed after the jump (hint: it's not a horror flick).