While films like Piranha 3D prove that the summer season still has a few good weeks left in it, the fact remains: summer's gone and the blockbuster season is about to give way to the transitional fall season and then another Oscar-bait winter. That means it's time to step back and survey which summer blockbusters are worth remembering. Some box office winners were pretty lousy and some losers were pretty terrific (for all of my reservations about it, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was pretty fun). Overall a lot of usual suspects made money--another Pixar smash, a highly-anticipated Christopher Nolan film, a Twilight film -- and, in general, animation dominated (I'm very happy to see that Despicable Me did well in the shadow of Toy Story 3andHow to Train Your Dragondid pretty good business too with a very solid $212 million, though it won't be included here since it came out at the end of March).

But which summer blockbuster was your favorite and why? Choose from the 10 highest grossing films of the season after the jump and tell us why you picked them in the comments section.

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