It may seem hard to believe, but the way we watch TV is now affecting how films perform on their opening weekend according to an article in today's THR. With the advent of DVR's and online services like Hulu, "time shifted" television viewing is on the rise -- meaning those movie ads that have long been a part of the television viewing experience may not be reaching audiences in the way marketers intended and could be something we see far less of in the future.

Time shifted viewing -- or viewing programs at a different time than they originally aired -- has been around since the advent of the VCR, but the proliferation of DVRs (coupled with how much easier they are to use to record things than a VCR) have made recording programs to view at a later time easier than ever. A recent survey of Comcast subscribers found that 62% of them are using DVRs, Hulu, or VOD services regularly. What this means to film advertisers is that their targeted new release ads airing on a Thursday evening for a Friday release may not be seen until the following week -- making them money wasted in some instances.

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