By now, you've no doubt heard the news: 'The Expendables' is the number one movie in America for the second week in a row. That's right: A movie starring Sylvester Stallone as a good guy has had back-to-back blockbuster weeks for the first time since ... well, so long ago that Wesley Snipes was still relevant.

While many prognosticators predicted the movie would win its opening weekend, not even Sly himself could have seen this kind of success coming. And at $64 million and counting, it continues to rake in money despite less-than-stellar reviews.

But on second glance, maybe the throwback action flick's whopping box-office haul isn't that surprising, after all. Why? Let's break it down.

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The Expendables
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Mercenary leader Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) and his loyal men take on what they think is a routine... Read More