It's difficult to think of many directors who -- after 25 years -- stay relevant and whose films continually get better. The Coen Brothers have produced 14 full-length features since 1984, movies that cover a wide range of genres, from broad comedies to bloody crime thrillers, and, depending on which film geek you ask, each one can be considered the directing duo's best.

A strong argument can be made that ''No Country for Old Men' (2007) is the Coens' crowning achievement. Not only did it gross more money than any of their other films, it was nominated for eight Academy Awards, winning four.

Maybe even more impressive is that the Coens were able to successfully adapt a beloved novel and not create a finished product that fell prey to reviews claiming that "the book was better." They remained faithful to the source material while still making the film its own thing. And they did it with a $25 million budget, shooting on location in New Mexico and West Texas.
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No Country for Old Men
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