Over the weekend there was a new Piranha remake, and (against all odds) it was good. Not good enough for the distributor to share the film with the press -- or good enough to crack double digits at the box office -- but certainly good enough to get the horror fans gnashing their teeth in surprised appreciation. It's not too often that a 3-D remake of a Jaws ripoff is cause for celebration, but Alex Aja's rendition of Piranha works resoundingly well ... aside from the truly terrible editing in the flick.

And just last night I was invited to blather on the Film School Rejects movie nerd podcast, and one of the topics was this: movies in which people get eaten by animals. And since I'm considerably lazy, I thought I'd turn that conversation into a brief article that you should read starting .... now!

(Note: I'm omitting the original Jaws and the original Piranha for obvious reasons. Anyone reading this list should have seen those movies by now.)

Orca (1977) -- When Dino De Laurentiis does a ripoff, he does it large. Here we find Richard Harris, Charlotte Rampling and Bo Derek being forced to contend with a vengeance-minded killer whale. Some of the flick (the special effects and the score, particularly) is actually pretty solid, but overall this is a wonderfully cheesy movie.
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