Even the most original filmmakers in the world are resorting to sequels these days. With Pixar preparing follow-ups to many of its favorite titles, now one of John Lasseter's biggest idols is joining in the fun of revisiting the past. According to a Japanese interview translated by the Studio Ghibli lovers at Nausicaa.net, legendary animator Hayao Miyazakiis following up his recent fairy tale Ponyo with a sequel to his 1992 effort, one of his least fantastical, Porco Rosso. Set during the Spanish Civil War, it will be titled Porco Rosso: The Last Sortie (thanks Miyazaki for making me learn military vocabulary) and other than that the Oscar-winning filmmaker just says that it "should be interesting."

One thing I find interesting already about the choice is that Porco Rosso is by far Miyazaki's least-popular (read: least-seen) film of the past 25 years. It's typically more common for someone to return to a film that has a lot of fans or at least made a lot of money. Even I would prefer another go at the world of My Neighbor Totoro (hopefully gaining new fans through its Toy Story 3 tribute), for instance. But the good thing is this should make more people go and rent Porco, which is an exciting animated action-adventure about an ace Italian pilot-turned bounty hunter with the face of a pig. It also, to Disney's delight I'm sure (they distribute his films in the U.S.), has more potential to appeal to boys than many of Miyazaki's films before or since, which tend to have female protagonists.
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