When you're a little kid and you get caught doing something bad, what do you do? You certainly don't apologize; you blame it on your imaginary friend. Seemed like a harmless solution at the time, but now those imaginary friends are pissed and are looking for revenge. According to THR, that's the premise of DreamWorks Animation's new film with the working title Imaginary Enemies.

The concept came about during a DWA retreat a few years ago and will now be written by the husband and wife duo, Joe Syracuse and Lisa Addario. Shrek Forever After director, Mike Mitchell, is lending a hand as well although he's not confirmed to direct. It just so happens that Steven Spielberg, a DreamWorks co-founder, was toying around with a story of his own on the topic and was even set to direct Fox's Harvey, a remake of the 1950 Jimmy Stewart movie about a man and an imaginary rabbit. Things didn't pan out and now Spielberg is back with DreamWorks working on WarHorse.

Regardless of what Spielberg's up to, DWA is still thrilled with the potential of this concept. In fact, the studio is considering dabbling in new territory and possibly developing the film as a live-action/animation hybrid. Although I'm usually wary when live-action and animated characters collide, this sounds like a film that could really benefit from the technique.
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