Daredevil, the long-running Marvel comic about a blind attorney who moonlights as a vigilante, is soon coming to a close after 512 issues of crime-fighting action. Of course, Daredevil fans are crying out as if they'll never see the character again, and, of course, they're wrong. Marvel's already making some noise about the eventual return of The Man Without Fear.

"We absolutely could be looking at a situation where, as with Thor, there is no Daredevil series for a while, but there is somebody else in an equivalent role," Marvel's VP Executive Editor Tom Brevoort told Comic Book Resources. "That's hardly earth-shattering, and in fact, taking a character like Daredevil off the canvas for a little while may make the heart grow fonder due to absence more so than just having him around doing his thing and being overlooked because he's always been there. It certainly did with Thor."

So, basically, calm down, Daredevil fans. If you've followed comics at all, then you should know that dead never means dead. If Marvel can relaunch Moon Knight a half-dozen times, then I think it's pretty safe to say Daredevilwill return.
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