I could ask you what you were doing last Saturday night, but that would be dancing around the real question: Why weren't you watching Lake Placid 3's world premiere on Syfy last Saturday night? I can't imagine anything that would cause you to miss it. But in case you did, for a reason I'm sure you are too embarrassed to cop to, don't worry, you can catch the made-for-cable flick on DVD this October 26th!

Now, being one of the weirdos who does actually watch Syfy premieres (I just can't resist The Most Dangerous Night of Television), I cannot in good conscious recommend you do watch Lake Placid 3. Oh, it looks like a revolution in film compared to the carcinogenic Lake Placid 2, but it's still a rather dull way to spend 90 minutes. I do appreciate that this time around the filmmakers actually wrote in some continuity from the first film (Colin Ferguson play's the nephew of Betty White's character), but it doesn't make a difference in the end.

I know; what a shocker!
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