UPDATE: This story is not accurate. MTV has taken down their original story because the facts were wrong. Randall Wallace did some work on the now-canceled Disney version of 20,000 Leagues, and the David Fincher version is something completely different. So, accordingly, this is non-news. Sorry about that.

Just when I thought I couldn't be any less excited about David Fincher devoting a year of his life - at the height of his creative powers - to the dull world of Stieg Larsson, Randal Wallace comes along and gets me all excited about the project Fincher should be tackling right now. MTV recently sat down with Wallace to chat about his equine biopic Secretariat and his recent decision to walk away from the potential blockbuster Airwalker due to conflict with star Vincent Chase (wait, you're telling me that Entourage is not a documentary told in real-time?). Wallace - who wrote Braveheart, and is rumored to have also done some other stuff with his life - spoke briefly about his involvement with Fincher's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea re-make, and had a few very encouraging things to say about the direction in which the project is developing.

Fincher has previously described the project as a "Gigantic steampunk science fiction movie from 1873," and has mentioned that he'd like for 20,000 Leagues to be his Empire Strikes Back, which means... potentially nothing. I think every director begins a project hoping that it'll be their Empire Strikes Back - I'm pretty sure that the directors of Vampires Suck went into production hoping that the film was going to be their Empire Strikes Back (mission accomplished, guys!). But Wallace's recent comments help clarify the matter.
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