If you happen to follow me on Twitter, then you may have noticed that over the past two months I've become a big, big fan of the show Supernatural. Sure, demon hunting brothers Sam and Dean Winchester have been around for years (this fall it will be entering its sixth season!), and I'd always heard that Eric Kripke's show was more hardcore than anyone would expect from a horror series that airs on the CW and stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, but I'm just now getting around to discovering that fact for myself (if you need proof of how badass this show is on a regular basis, this shapeshifter transformation should convince you).

The first two seasons are very much so a monster-of-the-week formula, but that's okay because they're basically like mini horror movies each week. But around the end of season two, the show really begins to start shaping out season-long mysteries and story arcs that pay off in huge ways.

I'm currently in the middle of the fourth season, which is perfect timing since Supernatural: The Official Companion Season Four is going to hit book stores in about a week (that's August 31st). In promotion of the pending release, Titan Books was kind enough to send over an excerpt from the book. Fans of the show should dive right in, but if you're new to it or haven't made it to season four, you may consider the below a spoiler.
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