TronIf you're a big fan of the 'Tron' franchise and even the original movie plus the upcoming sequel is not enough, then you're in luck. Disney is releasing a set of 'Tron' comic books to fill in the gap between the two movies. The limited series is called 'Tron Betrayal' and it is being written by Jai Nitz and drawn by Andrew Tong. The covers are drawn by Jock, who has done the art for such series as 'Judge Dredd', 'The Losers' and 'Detective Comics.'

The story involves Flynn, now in charge of Encom (which sounds a little too much like Enron for my tastes) building a new gaming system and needing the help of Tron to stop a problem with it.

This comic should really be no surprise to anyone considering the presence of the 'Tron' sequels at a few San Diego Comic Cons of the recent past. It's almost required to have a comic book prequel like the 'Star Trek' reboot.
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