It's no secret to any film fan that one of the many wells that George Lucas drew from when conceiving Star Wars is Kurosawa's the Hidden Fortress. I still haven't managed to watch it. Don't look at me like that! I've been busy. Even without that knowledge, the elements of Bushido are obvious in the Jedi Order. Custom toy designer Sillof has made the easy transition by re-designing the principal characters with a samurai flair.

If you follow anything geeky around the web, you've probably seen Sillof's work. He's the mad genius behind the gorgeous Steampunk Star Wars re-imagining. His work isn't just clunky, reassembled toys with some Sculpey mashed onto them. These figures are truly inspired and Sillof obviously does his research into whatever other genre he's sliding the existing characters into. He even goes so far as to mock-up an article about this fictional film. I don't know much about this guy, if he's professional or just an obsessive hobbyist, but Lucasfilm would do well to see that these are mass-produced. I would buy them in bulk.

Check out the feudal era Star Wars characters here and be sure to peruse the rest of the site. Follow the craftsman on Twitter for future updates.
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