A key to any good movie these days is the soundtrack and over Hollywood's long history, few movies have had scores as memorable as the films that make up the two 'Star Wars' trilogies. Just a few notes is all that is needed for most film buffs to recognize signature works from composer John Williams such as "The Imperial March." Yes, there's no question that music helped make 'Star Wars' the phenomenon it remains today.

But would the films still be as effective if that music was replaced by some good, old fashioned ragtime piano?

Well, now we have our answer thanks to a series of infectious YouTube clips that take footage from the 'Star Wars' films and re-imagines them as classics from Hollywood's silent era. And it's not just Williams who gets an overhaul; some elements, such as Hayden Christensen's famously wooden acting, benefit greatly by being replaced with silence and title screens.
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