Viggo Mortensen and Exene Cervenka in Salvation!Yet another interesting tidbit about the many faceted stars we know and love is that Viggo Mortensen was once married to Los Angeles punk icon Exene Cervenka of the band X. Although she later sued him over child support, there are some nuggets online that show them together in a previous, happier time. They were also in the 1987 movie Salvation! together.

Filmmaker Modi Frank, of Modivation Films, used footage of the couple horsing around an old train yard for both a promo/music video for Cervenka's first solo album, Old Wives' Tales. You can see a very young Viggo romping with his young wife side-by-side with her ex-husband and X bassist/singer John Doe and his new wife Gigi Blair to the tune of "He's Got a She." Later, Modi used some of the same footage for the song "Whiskey for Supper" by Cervenka's later band, Original Sinners.

In the clip for Old Wives Tales, John and Exene talk about their band and their history, and rock journalist Chris Morris gives some behind-the-scenes details about how John and Gigi and Viggo and Exene and their kids all get along together and hang out. (Not so much any more, I guess, for Viggo and Exene.)

You can also watch a trailer for Modi and Exene's old black-and-white cowboy tale Bad Day starring Kevin Costner, John Doe, and others. Donate whatever you want for the full movie, and a portion of your cash will go to the Committee for Plaquemines Recovery in the Gulf Coast.

(Thanks to The Playlist for the tip about Bad Day!)