So how would you make a film about a composer, producer, vocalist, singer, rapper, filmmaker and magician who's equally at home discussing obscure Klezmer music and the latest hip-hop track?

If you're Garry Beitel, who helmed the fascinating doc 'The Socalled Movie' on Montreal artist and Renaissance Man Socalled (aka Josh Dolgin), you break it up into 18 different films, each exploring a different part of the artist's creative life and process. The film is the final doc to run as part of SnagFilms' 6-week SummerFest series.

The musical cult figure has done everything from introducing James Brown trombonist Fred Wesley to klezmer to convincing 94-year old lounge pianist Irving Fields to record new material. Like the best modern artists, both Socalled and 'The Socalled Movie' deftly reconfigure and recontextualize existing source material to create wholly original results.
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