For a while I've been wondering how Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer feel when they read reviews and articles calling them scoundrels, charlatans, and scourges of the Earth. This weekend, it finally dawned on me: they are laughing at us. All the way to the bank. All the vituperative reviews in the world -- and I almost literally mean that -- couldn't keep crowds away from Vampires Suck this weekend, as the $20 million Twilight "spoof" generated more than twice the opening weekend gross of Disaster Movie, the last Friedberg/Seltzer telegram from hell (more than three times in the five days since its Wednesday release). So send these guys all the nastygrams you like. Call them an affront to the spoof genre, to cinema, to all that is decent on this Earth. Their audience won't listen -- and their coffers grow with every poop-drenched "parody" they slap together and release.

What's funny is that I don't even think people like this stuff. I think that -- outside of audiences who are on top of the movie beat -- the Friedberg/Seltzer anti-phenomenon remains under the radar. I suspect that people are just getting snookered over and over again. But who knows.