Like many of you, I've been skeptical about any new movies in the X-universe. After the abysmal X-Men: Last Stand, I was ready to let that series rest for a few years and let it rise up again with a reboot later. I never was a huge fan of the originals. I liked them a lot, but didn't think they were all they could have been. The lukewarm Wolverine movie didn't really help bolster my confidence either. Of course, Fox has to churn out another X-Men film lest they lose the rights back to Marvel. And then Bryan Singer went stumbling back to the franchise after his own failures. Then things started to look up. After flirting with the series and almost directing the third entry, Matthew Vaughn has of course signed on to direct this X-Men prequel. Fanboys are reasonably suspicious about this. Casting rumors and announcements have been flying fast and furious as the shooting date rapidly approaches.

Things seem to be falling into place, however. There's a good director and Michael Fassbender is in it. And now they announce they're shooting it as a period piece. I get giddy just thinking of it. While The Fantastic Four certainly should have been set in the 1960's, I'll settle for seeing the X-Men. According to Ain't It Cool News, we'll see the early years of the Xavier/Magneto relationship and a mostly new cast of characters against the backdrop of the Kennedy era. In the article, Singer promises looks more faithful to what we've seen in the comics. That's a welcome change from the black leather ensemble from the first films. My only concern is, if it's a retro flick, it should have the actual original lineup as the team, in spite of the previous films.

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And for the love of God, can we get some actual Sentinels this time?
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