Dustin Hoffman is a Focker again.

According to DeadlineHollywood, the producers of 'Little Fockers' have persuaded Hoffman to reprise his role as Bernie Focker in the second sequel in the very popular and money-making 'Meet the Parents' franchise (the original grossed $166 million domestically while the first sequel, 'Meet the Fockers,' took in $279 million). Universal has scheduled four new scenes with the actor as part of six or so pickup shots that the studio wants to add in to film.

According to Deadline, Hoffman was written out of 'Little Fockers' when Universal couldn't reach a deal with him. His role now will be "not dissimilar to what we were pitching him in the beginning," an insider told the website. Hoffman apparently has his eye on the bottom line: The studio will ante up what they were going to pay him in the first place.
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