If you've been waiting for a return trip to Pandora, then the theatrical re-release this weekend might be your best bet. James Cameron confirmed to KTLA that Avatar 2 wouldn't be released anytime before 2014. Not only that, but the director might be looking at a completely different project between now and then.

"I haven't said anything about this publicly yet. It's a film that I've been working on kind of on and off over the years, just the writing," Cameron told KTLA. "It might be something that I do first, or it might be something I do after that. I haven't really mapped it all out yet."

While the fanboy in me hopes it's Cameron's long-rumored Battle Angel adaptation, I can't help but think he's talking about his recently-discussed Hiroshima drama. What do you want to see Cameron do next?

(via Blastr)
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