Rumors started to circulate around Twitter today that anime luminary Satoshi Kon, director of such truly brilliant films as Millennium Actress and Paprika, has died at the age of 47. One of the first reports came in from Takeda Yasuhiro, a founding member of Gainax, the animation studio most famous for producing Neon Genesis Evangelion. Now both Ani-Gamers and Anime Reel is reporting that the above tweet is most likely true and while confirmation will have to wait until it's daytime in Japan, Anime Reel writes that other sources have confirmed Yasuhiro's claim, including Masao Maruyama, president of Madhouse Studios (Note: Maruyama didn't say Kon died explicitly, just that a major filmmaker had passed away). According to Anime-Gamers' source, Kon died of cancer.

There's still a chance that this could just be a nasty and rather inexplicable rumor but it looks less and less likely. We will update you if the situation changes and as more news becomes available.
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