If you're hankering to have another go at Jigsaw and his diabolical traps, you'll be happy to know that the second Saw videogame, Saw II: Flesh and Blood, is set to hit retail shelves on October 19th -- just in time to coincide with Saw 3D hitting theaters.

To help keep everyone interested in the game, Konami has released some new concept art from the title. Kotaku has all six new screens, so you can head over there to see the full gallery.

The rest of the press release highlights the game's release date for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and how the new title will expand upon the things started in last year's Saw: The Videogame and update the graphics and gameplay.

The story will take place between the first and second film, with Detective Tapp's son trying to find out what happened to his father. Naturally, he winds up inside one of Jigsaw's little games.

We'll keep you posted on Saw II: Flesh and Blood as we get closer to the October release date.
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