repo men jude law

In his review of the film, Roger Ebert wondered whether Repo Men was intended to play as a dark comedy or as a straight action picture. I've never met the filmmakers, so I can only guess as to their intent. My prognosis? Sure, some of it is meant to come off as darkly comic, and it sometimes succeeds. Most of the first 20 minutes or so are devoted to slick and splashy scenes with Jude Law having a blast as he rips vital organs out of people's bodies. It's what he does for a living; he's an organ Repo Man for The Union, one of those giant, evil corporations that sci-fi flicks like this have taught us to hate and fear.

Those early repo scenes, with Law and Forrest Whitaker rock n' rolling their way from one bloody gruesome job to another, are a lot of fun. Whitaker, as usual, elevates the material with his smooth performance as a deputized serial killer. And Law doesn't fall too far behind with his own manic gesturing and gleefully malevolent grins. It's pretty hilarious. The picture gets that sense of fun back in spots later when it becomes an action-packed chase movie, but there's a bit in the middle that stops the movie in its tracks like a ... well ... like a heart attack. [Spoilers below ...]
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