Cinematical's Spin-ematical: New on DVD and Blu-ray for 8/24

Today might as well be renamed 'Lost-day,' since DVD and Blu-ray sets for the TV show's sixth and final season are out, along with collections of all six seasons. Mainstream fare is limited to one big turkey, unfortunately, but Indies on DVD and Blu-ray library titles (both to be found after the jump) are overflowing with possibilities. For now, let's gather the biggest three titles releasing today.

The Back-Up Plan
"A gross-out yuck-fest disguised as a generic Jennifer Lopez romantic comedy," says Cinematical's John Gholson. "The image on the poster features Lopez playfully covering the eyes of her co-star Alex O'Loughlin, perhaps to spare him the carnival of vomit, feces, and vaginal blood that this movie mistakes for actual comedy writing." Skip it.

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City Island
Raymond De Felitta's film stars Andy Garcia and is "a merry comedy about one of those quarrelsome Italian-American families where everybody fights a lot but ultimately loves one another," Eric D. Snider wrote in his review. "In real life, I find relationships with loud, argumentative people exhausting. In the movies, though, they can be a lot of fun to watch." Buy it.

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George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead
He's alive! And still making zombie movies! Though it hasn't received the best reviews, our own Jeffrey D. Anderson suggests that it deserves a look: "I suspect that in time, it will be seen as another of his uniquely personal films, brimming with his own ideas." Rent it.

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