Why Scott Pilgrim vs. the World tanked articles were bound to flood the Internet after the well-reviewed flick's dismal opening weekend. Now that Scott Pilgrim has just wrapped up its second week in theaters, the constant chatter has somewhat fizzled out, but folks are still examining the divergence between critics and fans that has occurred more than once this year and could certainly effect the types of films the major studios pump out in the future.

In The Wrap's latest article on the topic, the site suggests five reasons why the film failed. The list consists of exactly what you'd expect, but a few quotes liven up the subject a bit, especially the ones from folks on the marketing side of the industry.

The first finger is pointed at genre confusion. What is Scott Pilgrim? Is it an adventure, romance or comedy? Based on the promotional material, it's impossible to know. Come to think of it, even after seeing the film, there's no way to give it a clear-cut label. Scott Pilgrim is just something we've never seen before and while it should be praised for daring to be different, moviegoers are running scared. Even the film's posters sent out a confusing message. At first Cera looks super cool rocking out on his guitar, but then we see he's just a geek in the commercials. A marketing executive suggested, "They couldn't decide if this was a true superhero movie and they should make him look like a hero, or if it was an underdog story and you were supposed to root for him to get the girl."
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