It's like I always say: Any Werner Herzog news is good news. Even when it's reported that he's been shot in the middle of an interview or something like that, anything that contributes to his self-controlled, Katamari-like legacy manages to be uplifting in its own right. And now that Herzog has firmly ensconced himself in the prolific twilight of his long career, news of his exploits is coming at us at a faster clip than ever before, and that's good. Speaking with The Playlist about his new 3-D "documentary" (that particular neologism is even more ludicrous than usual when applied to Herzog's "non-fiction" work, in which he proudly fudges the "accountant's truth" to great effect) The Cave of Forgotten Dreams, which will be premiering at the imminent Toronto Film Festival, Herzog - who has never been shy about his gestating projects - let slip that he's "Written a screenplay for a big epic which will certainly not use 3-D... we're in the first phase, but it's a big epic film set in the desert and I've also started another film in Texas, in a maximum security prison."

Herzog didn't offer any further details about either project, but as a dedicated Herzog scholar and fanboy (it's like I always say: "Any Herzog news is good cause to twitch uncontrollably in a mad and worrisome spasm of nerdy glee") I'd be surprised if the prison film doesn't assume the guise of a documentary.
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