Would you like to see Ghostface slice and dice Anna Paquin or Kristen Bell?

The Scream franchise is known for grabbing recognizable faces for their comedic horror mayhem. Some are names well known in the genre like Linda Blair and Joseph Whipp. Others are doomed first victims from the outside world like Jada Pinkett-Smith and Drew Barrymore (though one should never forget the likes of Demon Knight or Firestarter). If you're signing up for a cameo in Woodsboro, there's a good chance that your days are numbered, unless you get a prime gig like Carrie Fisher in Scream 3, allowing you to stay out of the killer's range.

Now Scream 4 has grabbed the likes of both Paquin and Bell, leading us to wonder: Will they become the first-killed cameos of the new incarnation?
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