Blame it on Rio that Edward and Bella are looking for a new place to honeymoon. In the book Breaking Dawn, they spend their marital vacation on an island off the coast of Brazil, and I guess the filming of this opening section of the Bill Condon-directed adaptation (which will play out over two films) would have therefore brought the production to Rio de Janeiro. According to the AFP, however, Summit Entertainment is afraid to bring stars Kristen Stewartand Robert Pattinson to shoot in the city after a hostage situation right out of a Jose Padilha movie (yes, I'm trying to get Twilight fans to check out Brazilian cinema) occurred at a tourist-filled hotel.

"The real-life drama on Saturday of drug gang members taking 35 people hostage in Rio's Intercontinental Hotel as they tried to escape police has proved scarier to the production crew than the fictional vampires and werewolves they deal with," writes the AFP reporter. Har har, but seriously the majority of the hotel's 1550 guests were fine, as the Rocinha favela gang only held 35 hostages, mainly staff, and the single person killed was a female gang member. So, as Rio officials insist, the Breaking Dawn crew and the $1 million they planned to spend in the city should still come down.
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