America's biggest genre film festival, Fantastic Fest, is now less than a month away-- and man does it feel great to be able to type those words. In typical FF fashion, the minds behind the fest are keeping details of the cinematic bacchanalia (which spans eight days starting September 23rd!) close to their chest for as long as possible, but they have let a few things slip. A few weeks ago they announced the first thirteen films slated for the fest, just last week they revealed that Matt Reeves' Let Me In would be the opening night film, and now they're keeping the teasingly slow drip of news going with the addition of a single film: Rodrigo Cortes' much-buzzed Buried.

Given that this is a film festival created by the Alamo Drafthouse we're talking about, FF won't simply be playing Buried. That's too easy. No, they've also announced that they're giving the film an unprecedented spot in their Rolling Roadshow series. Normally the RR brings screenings of classic films to the iconic towns and landmarks that helped make them famous (think Close Encounters of the Third Kind at Devil's Tower in Wyoming) for hundreds of people to cherish for free, but for Buried they're doing something a little different.

Yep, they'll be burying four brave souls six feet under to watch the entire film from within the confines of a coffin.
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