This week's Doc Talk was inspired in part by Dennis Lim's recent New York Times piece on films that blur the distinctions between fiction and non-fiction. I love the opening paragraph, which through the ideas of Jean-Luc Godard and Jacques Rivette states a belief I've always carried, that all movies are documentaries in some way or another. I'll forgive Lim for not addressing this year's three biggest question mark docs, Exit Through the Gift Shop, Catfishand I'm Still Here(and salute Eric Kohn's lumping of these "elusive" titles), all of which have been met with doubt with regards to their complete truthfulness.

But I'm not concentrating on that topic now. Perhaps later once I've seen the Joaquin Phoenix movie. Instead, Lim's article got me curious about Ulrich Seidl's Animal Love and that subsequently put me in a mood for a triple feature focused on docs about pet owners. So I followed the Seidl with the Hurricane Katrina film Mineand the Errol Morris classic Gates of Heaven, which I'd somehow never seen before. I'm currently in the market to get a dog and I thought this trio would fit this perspective.

Afterward, though, I'm a tad fearsome of becoming an obsessive owner -- or at least afraid of the emotional attachment and possible sadness that would come if my dog is lost or dies. I wonder if you pet lovers are better off just renting Marmaduke when it hits DVD next week than viewing any of these documentaries.
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