As much as I may love watching movies, even I don't have enough time to catch every single flick that catches my fancy, and as a result, I've always been a big fan of home entertainment. Of course, the downside is that sometimes it takes some time before I get around to all the movies I want to see, and that's why it took me years to finally watch the 2006 crime drama, Harsh Times. But thanks to the good people at SlashControl you don't have to wait, because the flick is available now as one of their free movie selections.

Harsh Times starred Christian Bale as Jim Davis, as an ex-Army Ranger with a serious case of PTSD and Freddy Rodriguez as Mike, his childhood friend. After an honorable discharge, Jim returns to South Los Angeles, and through the course of a few very bad days, Jim applies and fails to join the LAPD, only to get more 'covert' job offer, and Mike finally learns to grow up and commit to his professional girlfriend (played by Eva Longoria Parker). But, the film is about more than just petty criminals in South L.A, and it's the performances by Rodriguez and Bale that bring something a little more meaningful to a standard genre flick.

The film was written and directed by David Ayer, who also wrote Training Day, and the two films share a certain sensibility not to mention some familiar looking cover art. But even though reviews for Harsh Times were mixed, most critics could agree that Bale's performance as a damaged war vet was just about the best thing about this movie, and I happen to agree.

Head on over to SlashControl to watch Harsh Times and judge for yourself.
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